[Rhythmbox-devel] usb mass storage fine tune

I would love to see fine tuning of usb mass storage device support added to rhythmbox.
What I was thinking, since the USB device interfaces are very diverse, a plugin can be created that has many events listed that you can specify what command to run when those happen in order to update any internal database (if any) for the player.

Copy Songs: run easypmp -u -d samsung_yh820 <insert mountpoint for the target>

Copy Playlists: run blah

Also, when the songs are dragged to the player, they should be placed in a directory specified by the user.  Currently rhythmbox puts them in the root directory in folders for album/artist.  My player requires songs in System/MUSIC and to not be grouped in folders so an option to turn off the folder hierarchy would also be nice.

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