[Rhythmbox-devel] Feature request : search by directory


I really love rythmbox, it is fast, simple & powerfull even with a large music collection as I have. Amarok is too slow for the collection I have, listen and audacious are great but they do not offer a media library the last time I installed them.

However, one thing is missing in rythmbox: the ability to type in the media library a folder name or part of it and retrieve all songs in that folder. This is one thing that I like about winamp that I can't find in any other player on Ubuntu.

I organized my collection by decades(years), genre & artist so searching '90s' in winamp let me listen only to nineties which I find really usefull. My collection is also so large that making all the ID3 tags reflect the song name, artist & genre would take me about 2 years to do...

I suggest adding an option in the preferences to enable directory/file names search in the media library search queries. So if someone do not want this option to be on he can, but for others like me it should be on because large libraries are difficult to maintain with proper ID3 tags...

Hoping to see this feature in the next rythmbox release,
Emmanuel Morin

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