Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Remote playlists - all songs show up as radio?

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The features you request is probably never going to be included in Rhythmbox (there is no way to tell if a network file is a Radio or your own music), though a plugin could be made to provide a few of the features, but someone would be willing to do it.
There is a similar product that includes a Linux client (still in alpha), that lets you access your music as DAAP shares, which shows up in Rhythmbox. You can read about the Linux client here: and their main site is here

I hope that helps

2008/1/16 Michael McGlothlin <mike mcglothlin gmail com>:
I export a playlist from MyTunesRSS so I can listen to my iTunes music collection from home (I keep my music collection on an office computer.) and it imports into Radio where it seems not to let you import it into a playlist and makes you play one song at a time. Obviously it should import as Music and be usable as such. It should show as much information about the songs as possible and cache each song before playing it and keep it cached so long as the designated cache space isn't full.


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