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now that you made me think about that is not a very good thing to fill the
rate inside a song!
Otherwise, is there a way to synk the ratings of the ipod songs with the
ones on the library and reverese, or maybe i should write down a python
script to do it? If so, is it hard to do?
Tnx in advance

Piotr Gaczkowski-2 wrote:
> Dnia 05-01-2008, So o godzinie 12:24 -0800, FIREcracker pisze:
>> I was wondering how the rate of a song is stored!
>> I think there is a database in which all the infos are stored, because if
>> i
>> change the position of a song, the rate info is lost!
>> Is there a way to store the "rate" within the tag of the song? it would
>> be
> I don't think storing such info within a track is a good idea. That's
> your personal data, not the song metadata per se. IMO track tags should
> only include as much info as can be found on, say, MusicBrainz. Things
> like genre, tags, comments, rate  or whatever should be stored in ones
> personal database.
>> very usefull while using few programs that manage the same mp3s ( i
>> experience this, because i'm using gtkpod for the ipod, but the ratings
>> set
>> with rhythmbox are not recognized)
> But different programs use different formats to store rate. There is no
> standard here.
> I think the best way to store such data is to use eg. Tracker and make
> all music applications query it for additional data (that is all
> personal data, not found in the tags). There has already been
> proposition for integrating Tracker with Rhythmbox (or the other way
> round) [1]. In my opinion it is a good idea, but not necessarily the way
> it was said in the mentioned article.
> I don't want to see all my music files in Rhythmbox - only those that
> are of fair quality (tag-wise). I store them in a separate folder than
> the untagged/badly-tagged ones. But at least storing metadata there is a
> good idea.
> The only question is whether we should go Tracker-dependent or could we
> reuse some spec like Xesam to allow cross-operability.
> [1]
> Piotr Gaczkowski
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