Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Tagging support idea

Andrew Conkling wrote:
I had an idea regarding tagging support ( and wanted to get some feedback before I started hacking. (Well, hopefully. Read on.)

Since the core support is already added, we have some UI work to do. I was thinking maybe the UI could be implemented as a (Python) plugin. It'd be a bit more agile, could hook into all the core parts... and I could help work on it. :P

It'd be pretty easy to work on some of the existing ideas--automatic playlists, the properties dialog, and the context menu.

I am not sure how exposing tag support is going, but i was wondering about ways to implement in the rb GUI and thought i'd have a stab.

Here's what I've come up with regard to rb gui:

Borrowing the idea from Thunderbird, those files that have tags receive a green light whilst those that do not have tags receive a gray blob. Personally I am not sure how much value there is in exposing in the main library the tags users have assigned to files, imo it would just add unnecessary clutter. That said i am not 100% happy with my approach, but cannot think of ways to display tag info in a gui-economic way that does not require horizontal scrollbars.

Within the right-click contextual menu we add a menu item 'Edit Tags".

This takes us to a 'Tags" tab within the 'Properties' dialogue. This displays a text box where we can add/edit tags. I've used comma separation to distinguish between separate tags because thats what i am familiar with from other apps/websites that support tagging (i think tracker does this?). The text box could have a scrollbar for those users that desire to list _many_ tags. Also, I have a popular tags display at the bottom, this displays frequently used tags, similar to what does. By clicking upon these frequently used tags they are auto-added to the current selections tag-list. Also, considering limited space we could be smart and rank frequently used tags relative to the artist(s), genre(s) or album(s). So, "tag xyz is frequently used with this particular artist/album/genre, so we'll list it earlier for convenience."

Some other simple possibilities:

Auto-playlists based on tags.

and...  include a tag filter with the main search.

Other approaches to be considered:

The player has a list of tags in its sidebar beneath a collapsible heading. Something to think about?


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