Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] A disappointing bug in rhythmbox and my proposal on it =)

On Sat, 2008-02-09 at 20:54 +0300, [CPR]-AL.exe wrote:
> Hello there!
> I'm writing you, because I truly fell in love with rhythmbox since our
> first meet. But there is a small disappointing bug in this brilliant
> player.
> Let me explain. The help file says that:
> "The Next and Previous 
>        buttons can be used to skip between tracks while playing. If a
> track is 
>        currently playing, the previous button will restart the track.
> Pressing 
>        the Play button will start playing the current track."
> That's great, but that only suits the GUI buttons of the player. I use
> media keys on my keyboard to control the playback and the "previous
> button" (that is set up via gnome preferences) always skip the playing
> track to the previous, it doesn't restart the playback.

We should use rb_shell_player_do_previous_or_seek() in the mmkeys
plugin, but it's not exported. Could you please file a bug?

> The obvious way to fix it is to make the hardware "previous button"
> restart the track, but I have a better (imho) proposal. It would be
> great to create a "stop" button for rythmbox. If you don't like the
> idea of adding the "stop" button to player's GUI, there is another way
> - you could just  add the "stop" button functionality only to the
> hardware media key (in the latest version it just pauses the
> playback).

Stop already works as expected in SVN:

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