[Rhythmbox-devel] A disappointing bug in rhythmbox and my proposal on it =)

Hello there!

I'm writing you, because I truly fell in love with rhythmbox since our first meet. But there is a small disappointing bug in this brilliant player.

Let me explain. The help file says that:

"The Next and Previous
       buttons can be used to skip between tracks while playing. If a track is
       currently playing, the previous button will restart the track. Pressing
       the Play button will start playing the current track.

That's great, but that only suits the GUI buttons of the player. I use media keys on my keyboard to control the playback and the "previous button" (that is set up via gnome preferences) always skip the playing track to the previous, it doesn't restart the playback.

The obvious way to fix it is to make the hardware "previous button" restart the track, but I have a better (imho) proposal. It would be great to create a "stop" button for rythmbox. If you don't like the idea of adding the "stop" button to player's GUI, there is another way - you could just  add the "stop" button functionality only to the hardware media key (in the latest version it just pauses the playback).

Missing the "stop" media button,
Sincerely yours, [CPR]-AL.exe


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