Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Refusing to change ID3 and reseting file permissions

On Feb 10, 2008 7:01 AM, Daniel K. O. <danielko listas gmail com> wrote:
> There's a bug I've been stumbling at for some versions now. My current
> version is 0.11.2.
> Rhythmbox refuses to edit some songs' tags. The tag is temporily updated
> (at least inside rhythmbox), then it is reset.

This tends to happen when you have multiple tag sets (either multiple
id3 tags, or id3 and ape tags) in the file.

> And the file's permission
> is set to rw-r--r--; and the owner is set to whoever was operating rb.

This happens because rhythmbox doesn't edit tags in place, it creates
a new copy of the file. The new file is owned by the user who creates
it and the permissions are restricted by that user's umask.

> Running it with "-d" isn't giving me any clue where to look for. Grep
> for "chown" or "chmod" isn't helping. Where does RB mess with the file
> attributes? Or is someone else's fault?

It's no one's fault, that's just how it works.

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