[Rhythmbox-devel] while we are talking id3tag writing

Bug 424629 – handle multiple id3 tag sets better

This bug is a total pain!

When a music file has as more than one id3 tag Rhythmbox(rb) does not use the most recent and does not know what to do with the other tag versions. Consequently changes made _in_ rb are rolled-back on the next reopen of rb. Well not exactly rolled-back, the change exists as a seperate id3 instance and is ignored by rb in preference for the 'top' id3tag which is the oldest (see the bug report).

This leaves my id3 tags in rb looking like a total mess. Banshee, Ex Falso as well and winamp on windows handle this scenario better though offer no means to properly fix the problem (as far as i can tell). This means the less id3tag savvy players such as rb and wmp fail to present the tags intended by the user.

Is there any chance this issue will be fixed before the next release? To me this is the most pronounced bug i experience. I suspect that anyone who dual boots between Windows and Linux and uses a combination of windows media player 10/11 and rb will experience this bug to some extent, as these apps succeed in munging id3tags it seems. In my opinion this bug should be a priority.

Short term could rb be designed to display the most recent id3 tag which is most likely to be the preferred tag, or otherwise mimic the behavior of banshee or ex falso which seem to display what i expect when it comes to id3 tags.

In the longer term, imho, rb should be good enough to try and remedy the problem rather than just use the most recent id3tag. Similar to how 'missing files' or 'import errors' pops up there could be a category in the sidepane for 'fix tags' or 'duplicate tags' or something, under which are listed all the files that have multiple id3 instances, and lets you review the versions, and provides a set of functions to choose the preferred tag instance and optionally lets you strip out the other unwanted tags.


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