Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Summer of Code Proposal: A predictive playback plugin for Rhythmbox

Charlotte Curtis ha scritto:
I am interested in developing a predictive playback plugin for Rhythmbox. Based on a combination of music feature extraction (such as beat) and id3 tag information, the plugin would detect which songs are most similar to the song or set of songs currently selected.

Hi Charlotte,

I find your project interesting, especially for the "tempo" variable. However I think that such plugin can't be really rely on id3 tag informations, most because everybody class its music in a different way. I give you an example, U2's music genre could be "Pop/Rock", "PopRock", "Pop" or just "Rock" or whatever...

Therefore, I think that genre variable should bettere be relied on an external source like

Actually, Alexandre Rosenfeld has already issued a plugin based (quite) on the same principle: Dynamic Tracks (have a look on rhythmbox site). I suggest you to have a look at it in order to see if you can use some features from it.

enjoy, ;)

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