[Rhythmbox-devel] lyrics search sites

I've just added two new lyrics search sites to the lyrics plugin:
- lyricwiki.org, since it turned out to be a five minute job to get it working
- winampcn.com (from bug #477383) which apparently gives lyrics for
Chinese songs.

According to this: http://lyricwiki.org/LyricWiki:Plugins someone had
hacked the lyrics plugin from 0.10 (that only searched leoslyrics.com)
to search lyricwiki. Unfortunately, the linked site is down and I
can't find a copy of it in google cache or web.archive.org. If anyone
knows anything about this or has a copy of the hacked plugin, please
respond or drop by #rhythmbox - I'd just like to know if this code did
anything more intelligent than the dumb straightforward code I wrote.

Also, I've disabled the leoslyrics.com search in the default
configuration, as the API host (api.leoslyrics.com) has been down for
a few weeks now and I can't see any information about it on the main

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