[Rhythmbox-devel] Scalable tray icon & scrollwheell behaviour

Hello everyone,

Thanks for an excellent piece of software! RB is simply the best.

Would it be possible to have a scalable icon for RB in the panel system tray?

I like using a 50px-high panel so that i can get two rows for the
window list. Most of the icons in the system tray expand to that size
(volume control, deskbar applet, etc), however RB's does not. It uses
the 24px size icon only (I believe that is the one).

Another thing I've always wished for is the ability to define the
behaviour of the scrollwheel over the system tray icon. I know some
people like to control RB's volume with the scrollwheel, but it would
also be nice to be able to switch songs (forward/backward).
Personally, I believe that's much more functional since I already have
a volume control in the system tray.

I know Rhythmbox's phylosophy is to keep things simple, and not
clutter the options panel with more stuff, but hey, it's just a
checkbox, isn't it? Or maybe you could add it to Gconf settings? :)


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