[Rhythmbox-devel] updated iTunes import file, better playlist support? (attachment corrected)

    I'm attaching a hacked itunes2rhythm.py that enabled me to import my recent 'iTunes Music Library.xml' into Rhythmbox.  I preprocessed in vi by doing search/replace on & -> &, as well as a regex to correct all the file:/// URIs.

    Also, Is there a better way of importing .m3u files other than one-at-a-time and manually naming them?  Ideally I would just Hit A Button(tm) and all m3u files in a specified directory would be imported, and named after the name of the m3u file.  Typing is tedious, if anyone has a better way, I'd appreciate it!

- Matt

(ps: the previous send had the backup copy of the script, not the corrected one.. d'oh!)

Attachment: itunes2rhythm.py
Description: Binary data

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