Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Scalable tray icon & scrollwheell behaviour

On Tuesday, 25 September 2007, tomás pollak wrote:
> Another thing I've always wished for is the ability to define the
> behaviour of the scrollwheel over the system tray icon. I know some
> people like to control RB's volume with the scrollwheel, but it would
> also be nice to be able to switch songs (forward/backward).
> Personally, I believe that's much more functional since I already have
> a volume control in the system tray.

Umm, +1 on that. Actually, I have a Logitech-mouse with what they call a "tilt 
wheel", where you can tilt the mouse wheel to the left or right, triggering 
an event (Mouse Btn 7 or 8 or something like that). I'd love to be able to 
control the volume by scrolling and the title by tilting on the tray icon. 
Does that sound in any way feasible?

my 2c. awesome app.

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