Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Album support and CD burning?

>  I'm testing rhythmbox right now and I like it better than banshee, but
> can it burn audio CDs? I don't see an interface for it. I'm using
> 0.11.2 on amd64 Gentoo.
>  Create a playlist with the tracks you want, and then click "Burn CD" on the
> toolbar.

There it is, thank you.

> Also, is there any way to get rhythmbox to segregate tracks into their
> albums reliably? Neil Young's "Greatest Hits" is tagged by picard
> with some tracks "Neil Young" and some tracks "Neil Young & Crazy
> Horse". Because of this I have to select "All artists" to get the
> album's tracks to show up together. The problem with that is the
> tracks from Neil Young's "Greatest Hits" and Bruce Springsteen's
> "Greatest Hits" fall under the same album when "All artists" is
> selected. Would moving my filenames into a rhythmbox-supported
> hierarchy help with this? Right now I don't use folders and all data
> is written to the filename.
>  No, it won't help. We really need a proper album database (or to actually
> use MusicBrainz Disc IDs).

Any plans for this?  A workaround maybe?  It would be nice if I could
have picard write the album artist to the FLAC file instead of the
track artist.  That's bound to screw things up on the musicbrainz end
though I suppose.

- Grant

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