[Rhythmbox-devel] Album support and CD burning?

I'm testing rhythmbox right now and I like it better than banshee, but
can it burn audio CDs?  I don't see an interface for it.  I'm using
0.11.2 on amd64 Gentoo.

Also, is there any way to get rhythmbox to segregate tracks into their
albums reliably?   Neil Young's "Greatest Hits" is tagged by picard
with some tracks "Neil Young" and some tracks "Neil Young & Crazy
Horse".  Because of this I have to select "All artists" to get the
album's tracks to show up together.  The problem with that is the
tracks from Neil Young's "Greatest Hits" and Bruce Springsteen's
"Greatest Hits" fall under the same album when "All artists" is
selected.  Would moving my filenames into a rhythmbox-supported
hierarchy help with this?  Right now I don't use folders and all data
is written to the filename.

- Grant

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