Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] rhythmbox-devel Digest, Vol 40, Issue 24

On 9/3/07, Boštjan Kukovec <bostjan kukovec gmail com> wrote:
> It's true, UTF8 isn't working right in some cases. At least for filenames in
> UTF8 from a NTFS partition.

Could you be a little more specific? "UTF8 isn't working right" could
mean anything.

Which mount options are you using for the NTFS filesystem? If you
aren't specifying iocharset= (deprecated), utf8 (also deprecated) or
nls=, what is the default NLS module in your kernel configuration?

If your locale settings don't match the charset used by the
filesystem, you'll need to use some environment variables to tell glib
how to convert filenames. The glib documentation covers this here:

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