Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Feature request: OPML support

Not to resist this feature request, but why do you import your feeds every time you upgrade?

I like fresh install. But, you suggest another way? I just know this!  Or you do it manually or via opml file.

And, this feature help people have more than 1 computer and like listen podcast.

Vg: In my blog i do like share my podcast list with my readers. In my social network too.

Another reason: "I appreciate the work of you since 2005, when they began to use only linux in my office" (translate by google) and this feature is the only one rhythmbox needs to be perfect.

Ah, i am a lawyer and member of Ubuntu Brazil DocTeam!  and love rhythmbox ( lol

José Vitor Lopes e Silva
Advogado - OAB/SC 23.700

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