Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Keybindings feedback

On 10/17/07, William Söderberg <william soderberg gmail com> wrote:
> Hey. I find myself thinking that there is only one thing that Rhythmbox
> really lacks, and that is a good keybinding system.
> So that you can minimize the application, and still use keybindings. And I
> don't mean the keybindings you choose, this is Linux. Customization to match
> peoples need would be great. Like me, I got a mouse with quite many buttons.
> Some of them are perfect for forward/back/play/pause.
> I think that you have two choices in the matter.
> 1. Make a configurator with default keybindings. Allow the user to choose
> own modifiers ( <Shift> <Alt> <Control> <Super> etc... ) and own keys to
> different actions that you can make in the player. I'm talking about Play,
> Stop, Forward. A nice feature is "Copy Title" that Winamp has. It works so
> that when you make your command, the Artist - Title gets copied to your
> clipboard and a CTRL + V writes out the Artist - Title. Useful when you want
> to tell your friend what you're listening to. Anyways to option 2.

Rhythmbox supports the media player keybinding feature that was
introduced in (I think) GNOME 2.18. The key bindings are configured in
the GNOME control center (or 'gnome-keybinding-properties') and apply
to whichever media player you're using.

I'm not sure if you can use mouse buttons here, but that's up to the
control center, rather than rhythmbox.

> 2. Less desirable, but I would be satisfied with this as well. Take xmms,
> they have terminal commands to their player. Allowing people with window
> managers that support own keybindings put the text xmms -p (for play) to a
> key. This will then launch xmms and start playing. Without any terminal open
> ofc.

Rhythmbox also ships the rhythmbox-client program that does this.

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