[Rhythmbox-devel] Keybindings feedback

Hey. I find myself thinking that there is only one thing that Rhythmbox really lacks, and that is a good keybinding system.

So that you can minimize the application, and still use keybindings. And I don't mean the keybindings you choose, this is Linux. Customization to match peoples need would be great. Like me, I got a mouse with quite many buttons. Some of them are perfect for forward/back/play/pause.

I think that you have two choices in the matter.

1. Make a configurator with default keybindings. Allow the user to choose own modifiers ( <Shift> <Alt> <Control> <Super> etc... ) and own keys to different actions that you can make in the player. I'm talking about Play, Stop, Forward. A nice feature is "Copy Title" that Winamp has. It works so that when you make your command, the Artist - Title gets copied to your clipboard and a CTRL + V writes out the Artist - Title. Useful when you want to tell your friend what you're listening to. Anyways to option 2.

2. Less desirable, but I would be satisfied with this as well. Take xmms, they have terminal commands to their player. Allowing people with window managers that support own keybindings put the text xmms -p (for play) to a key. This will then launch xmms and start playing. Without any terminal open ofc.

Well, hope you understood and will consider what I said. Suprise me. Thanks for your wonderful work.

MVH William Söderberg

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