[Rhythmbox-devel] Export Playlist Feature


I guess before I start coding, I should do some checking first...

I would want to be able to export a given playlist to subdirectory on
the filesystem (virtual or otherwise). My rationale is that I often have
a list of songs by group (e.g. "My Preferred Monday Songs", "Songs To
Code By", etc.) and sometimes I'd like to export it to a device that
won't always have network access to my filesystem. Most portable players
also don't have a concept of a playlist so I just want to export them to
a single subdirectory. Manually doing so might be difficult as the songs
are potentially scattered across the filesystem.

Does such a feature already exist in RB or as a plugin? If not and I
wanted to code it, does the plugin API export enough functionality for
it to be done that way? Or should I code at the RB core level?

Thanks for any insight.

Richi Plana

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