Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] request of information.

Ricardo Moreno wrote:
I have to reinstall my ubuntu, and after the corresponding update of my linux system, I couldn't hear radio streaming any more. The message that the software shows me is: "it's necessary to instal the right decoder to receive the streaming".

Ubuntu doesn't include several audio and video encoders and decoders by default, so depending on the type of stream you're trying to listen to you'll probably need to install a plugin for playing that type of audio. This is needed for example for mp3 streams and files.

Rhythmbox uses the GStreamer framework for audio playback and several other features. You can search for "gstreamer" in Add/Remove Applications and look for extra plugins for GStreamer.

For more information, check out

That is something very peculiar because before (I mean: without any update) I could hear radio streaming and do other things with rhythmbox.

Perhaps you had listened to similar stream with the Totem movie player and it had installed the required codecs automatically, or you have installed the same codecs in some other way without really knowing it?


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