Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] on notification area on close !

s�7 05 2007 kl. 10:22 -0400, skrev Brian J. Murrell:
> It's always a pain to have to remember that I cannot "X" ryhtmbox like I
> can gaim, ekiga, "beagle-search --icon", Ubuntu update-manager.  Those
> are just the applications *I* use.  I am sure there are more.
> Consistency is good.

I agree with Brian. You have to remember not to "X" Rhythmbox, and when
it happens Rhythmbox will scan your 100 GiB musiccollection for new
items (if you've enabled the watching thing). It disconnects all the
clients to my shared music + other things.

It would be great if Rhythmbox just minimizes to system tray like any
other Gnome app of that kind.

Otherwise Rhythmbox should present a "Really quit: yes/no" dialog to the
"X" button.

Peter Bach
Danish translator

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