[Rhythmbox-devel] Feature Recommendation : Export Playlist Content

I love RhythmBox.   It's dynamic playlists are such a wonderful feature for organising music.
An extension to playlists that would be useful is the ability to export the contents of a playlist.  The idea being that
a) I could make a CD/DVD (with mp3s/flac/etc) for my car from any playlist
b) I could backup my favourite songs to save space (ie. by not backing up the songs that aren't my favourite)

I would use this feature to produce different CDs (or DVDs) for my car.  For example, my wife likes her instrumental music.  I would export the contents of her playlist to a specified destination directory, then burn that directory to a CD/DVD.  Rather than getting 15 tracks onto an Audio CD by doing a "Create Audio CD", I would get 100-700 tracks (depending on the media being CD or DVD).  The playback of 100s of tracks lasts A LOT longer in my car stereo than a regular Audio CD does.

I would envisage that the option would be activated in the same way that "Create Audio CD" is.  You right click a playlist and say "Export Playlist Content...".  RhythmBox would ask for the "destination" directory.  Any files in the playlist would be copied to the destination directory, using the same directory structure from the source playlist (eg. If I had two artists in my current playlist and each artists' files were in a separate directory, then the "export" would be written to two separate directories).  Once the "export" was complete, i'd use my CD or DVD burner to burn the "destination" directory to a CD or DVD.

If there is already a capability to do this, I would appreciate knowing.  I tried to use Brasero and Gnomebaker to use a playlist to create a data DVD filled with mp3s.  Brasero came close (ie. it allowed import of a playlist) - but Brasero automatically converted the playlist into an audio CD ... which takes me back to about 15 tracks per CD, rather than 100s of tracks per CD/DVD.

I hope you like the idea i've suggested.  I would find it very useful - and I think many others would too.

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