Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] duplicate-format songs in library; speed of import

On Thu, May 24, 2007 at 09:26:13AM -0400, shivers ccs neu edu wrote:

>    From: shivers ccs neu edu
>    2. I was really astounded by the slowness with which Rhythmbox 
>    imports   from my media repository. My repository has about 7500 
>    tracks from 641   albums. Each album is a distinct unix directory, 
>    containing its tracks   in both flac & mp3 format; these files all 
>    have .flac and .mp3 extensions.   The directories also contain a 
>    bunch of small metadata text files, with   extensions like .db, .inf,
>     and one or two with no extension at all, like   "md5sums". It took 
>    about 12 hours to load the songs into Rhythmbox's   library -- wow! 
>    It seems like reading about 100 bytes of information   from 15,000 
>    files ought to take a few minutes, tops. I have no idea what   the 
>    problem is; I just report it.
>    From: "Jason Bodnar" <jason shakabuku org>
>    I have 80GBs of mp3 tracks, similar organization to yours, but just mp3, no
>    flac or metadata files and it takes only a couple of minutes to import.
> Yes, it is only slow when there are text files mixed in with the media files.

This is bug 441157.  You might like to test the patch.

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