Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] sort by year

Andrew Conkling wrote:
 > Well, right now all an "album" is is a bunch of tracks with the same
artist and album name, right? So why not just tack on the year there
too? I don't imagine there are too many albums with tracks with
different years, and it wouldn't seem bad to just show the most recent
year in such a case.

Some people might tag an artist's compilation albums (e.g. "greatest hits", "best of") so that each song has the original release date (rather than all the tracks having the compilation release date).

That would spoil things a little.

One answer would be to simply show the year range for the "album" detected as a set of tracks with the same artist and album name.

Or is there another problem?

What about compilations where the artists have been filled in for the tracks. The simplistic an "album" is a set of tracks with the same artist and album name.

Another idea is to inspect the library folder structure - and say an "album" is the contents of a single folder. This would work nicely on my library which has a tree structure - but wouldn't suit people who just stick all their music in a single massive folder.

(I'm sure this sort of thing has been discussed before...)


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