Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Source groups

Alex Lancaster wrote:

My main (and really only) concern is that it removes the ability to
re-order the playlists within the playlist group.


Willam Jon notes a couple reasons in the bug why he thinks this is
desirable: one is that it sorts playlists in a consistent order.
However, I would much prefer that it remain possible to re-order them
(at least retain a gconf option) because alpha ordering sometimes is
not desirable and I'd like to group in a particular way that doesn't
involve a naming convention based on alpha ordering.

However, I recognise that I may be a lone voice in this request, so
I'd also like to get some feedback from other users as to whether they
would also miss this feature.  Do you use this feature?

I do. Perhaps not so much directly, but indirectly. Traditionally, when I create a new playlist it appears at the end of the group. It's obvious where it goes, and I can easily find it when filling it with tracks from the library. At least for me it's quite common to do that a lot when creating a playlist, so having the playlist easily locatable is perhaps even more important at that point than in other situations.

Furthermore, I often have the play queue shown in its full glory in the side panel. It takes up a lot of screen estate, so usually not all of my playlists are visible at the same time. I like to have the most commonly used ones at the top so that they're accessible without scrolling the list.

With that said, I haven't used playlists much lately and I probably wouldn't have even noticed the change yet if you hadn't mentioned it. I guess it doesn't matter so much, but unless there's a seriously high number of playlists, I fail to see how alphabetical listing would make finding a playlist significantly easier than having them in a random order would. Please correct me if there's actual evidence to the contrary, because mine is just a gut feeling. On the other hand, being able to order the items in the list so that they make sense in some other, more personal way would seem to make finding things on the list easy.


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