Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Annoying problem with Unknown Artists - Tracks

On Saturday, 23 June 2007 02:07, tomás pollak wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> Perhaps a good solution would be that Rhythmbox moved the files from
> one folder to another if you changed the Artist/Album names, but that
> doesn't solve the problem if you have two Unknown Title/01 - Track
> 01.ogg. Maybe something like adding a -01 if the track already exists?
> 01 - Track 01-01.ogg
> What do you think?

rather than adding -01 to the filename (basename), I'd modify the "Unknown 
Album" folder name. Actually, the Windows Media Player concept seems to make 
sense here, as it names the unknown album based on the date it was first seen 
by WMP. So the "My Documents/My Music" folder contains "Unknow Album (Jun 21, 
2007, 21:52)" and similar.


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