[Rhythmbox-devel] Annoying problem with Unknown Artists - Tracks

Hi everybody,

I just discovered a little (but nasty) problem with Rhythmbox handling
your files in the music library. When you import songs from a CD,
which doesn't have it song names recognized (through CDDB or CD Text
or whatever, when it's a custom-made compilation), they get copied to:

MUSIC_LIBRARY/Unknown Artist/Unknown Title/01 - Track 01.ogg

I did that a couple of days ago, and then manually put the artist
names and songs for each of the songs. Yesterday I imported another
"Unknown Artist" CD, and I just realized that all the previous songs
got overwritten!

Perhaps a good solution would be that Rhythmbox moved the files from
one folder to another if you changed the Artist/Album names, but that
doesn't solve the problem if you have two Unknown Title/01 - Track
01.ogg. Maybe something like adding a -01 if the track already exists?

01 - Track 01-01.ogg

What do you think?


PS: By the way, I'm using RB 0.10.0.

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