Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Lyrics Plugin

On Sun, 2007-05-20 at 01:22 -0500, Sirio Bola�Puchet wrote:

Thanks for working on this. I've just finished doing a cleanup of and a
few improvements to it, and if no-one has any issues, I'd be happy to
commit it.

Patch is attached.

> Added is:
> + configuration dialog for setting which engines to use and to choose
> folder to store lyrics, via GConf keys
> "/apps/rhythmbox/plugins/lyrics/engines" and
> "/apps/rhythmbox/plugins/lyrics/folder"

I've made it so that it no longer moves your lyrics when you change the
folder. Doing "system ('cp -R OLD_DIR NEW_DIR'); system ('rm -r
OLDDIR')" is fairly wrong, as it would be an easy way to delete folders
accidently (or to delete your home dir maliciously).

> That UI freezing thing I don't have the lesser idea of its cause, help
> appreciated as always.

I've made it use the rb.Loader and rb.Coroutine classes to do async
grabbing of the lyrics (based off the cover art code). So it shouldn't
freeze any more, and also doesn't start lookup until you go to the lyric

Also, the setting of which engines to use is a bit more extensible - now
the gconf key is a list of strings, being "engine ids". The plugin has a
map of these ids to lyric-grabber classes, so we could add or remove
sites in the future without braeking things.


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