Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] SVN or CVS?

>>>>> "KS" == Karsten Schmiedecke  writes:


KS> lately, I've noticed a lot of comments like the above, along the
KS> lines of 'fixed in SVN'. Since apparently the CVS check-out hasn't
KS> changed in a week or so, I decided to ask if RB is now maintained
KS> in SVN instead of CVS. If so, I'd suggest updating the development
KS> part of the webpage...

KS> Meanwhile, I'll live with my last check-out. Great prog, keep it
KS> up!

Yes, all GNOME apps that were originally maintained in the GNOME CVS
have migrated to using GNOME SVN.   GNOME CVS still works but is now a
read-only archive, see:

Yes, the website is way out of date and not well maintained right now,
mainly because it's a bunch of static HTML pages that only a few
people can update directly.  More up to date info tends to be found on
the GNOME wiki site for rhythmbox:

(I just fixed to mention SVN
rather than CVS)


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