Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Add a field in the DB / Jamendo cover art

Guillaume Desmottes wrote:

As suggested on #397010, I'm writing an extension for the art cover
plugin to use Jamendo's cover.

Are you talking about when streaming Jamendo tracks, like an internet radio station? I which case, why do you need to store anything in the database?

Or, are you talking about downloading entire albums from Jamendo? I have tried this using bit-torrent, and they include a cover image. Its the only jpeg file, plus the filename is predictable from the album name.

The really simply solution is to put the Jamendo supplied cover in the artdisplay's cache (with the appropriate filename, "artist - album.jpg" with some characters cleaned up). Very simple.

If you are creating a unique folder for each album under the user's library folder, then I think it would be nicer to put the cover there - renamed so something like "Cover.jpg" which the artdisplay plugin will recognise.

However, if the directory you are moving/coping the mp3/ogg files to may contain tracks from other albums then its a bit trickier.

To do that, I'd like to store in the DB an additional information for
each Jamendo track (the Jamendo ID of its album).

I can't help you here - but you may not need to.


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