Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Add a field in the DB / Jamendo cover art

On mer, 2007-01-17 at 22:49 +0000, Peter wrote:
> Guillaume Desmottes wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > As suggested on #397010, I'm writing an extension for the art cover
> > plugin to use Jamendo's cover.
> Are you talking about when streaming Jamendo tracks, like an internet 
> radio station?  I which case, why do you need to store anything in the 
> database?
> Or, are you talking about downloading entire albums from Jamendo?  I 
> have tried this using bit-torrent, and they include a cover image.  Its 
> the only jpeg file, plus the filename is predictable from the album name.
The plugin does the same than the Magnatune one. It add a new browser
source containing all the tracks available on Jamendo.
So for each track I fill most important fields in the DB (track name,
album name, artist name, ...).

In the cover plugin, I got the current entry and have to find its cover.
A really easy method would be to return this url:<albumID>/?artwork_size=200
To do that I need to get the Jamendo album id of the track and so I'd
like to store it in the DB.

Or maybe you'd see a easier way to get this id without store it in the


> The really simply solution is to put the Jamendo supplied cover in the 
> artdisplay's cache (with the appropriate filename, "artist - album.jpg" 
> with some characters cleaned up).  Very simple.
> If you are creating a unique folder for each album under the user's 
> library folder, then I think it would be nicer to put the cover there - 
> renamed so something like "Cover.jpg" which the artdisplay plugin will 
> recognise.
> However, if the directory you are moving/coping the mp3/ogg files to may 
> contain tracks from other albums then its a bit trickier.
> > To do that, I'd like to store in the DB an additional information for
> > each Jamendo track (the Jamendo ID of its album).
> I can't help you here - but you may not need to.
> Peter
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