Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Tag writing, UTF-8/Latin1

Back on 2006.09.19, Joe Wreschnig wrote:
I don't like to astroturf, but I'm sick of seeing EasyTag recommended.
EasyTag uses id3lib, which does not support Unicode or ID3v2.4 properly.
It writes ID3v2 tags to Ogg Vorbis and FLAC files. It is not a good tool
for tagging. Let me make this clear: It's not that I just don't like the
application, but it regularly corrupts files and cannot do its primary
task correctly.

Even if you don't like Quod Libet, I strongly suggest you check out Ex
Falso, which is our tagging-only application. It does all of that
properly. Otherwise, anything based on TagLib is also correct (Cowbell,
Rhythmbox, Amarok, JuK), but the tools vary in terms of how well they
support mass tagging.

Given this mismatch in ID3 support, should the RB FAQ be updated?
> So if I cannot edit my song tags in Rhythmbox, what is the best way?
> A 3rd party application like EasyTAG will allow you to edit your
> song information.

A related question - I've found my in car CD player doesn't read the ID3 tags on the latest mp3 CD that I made using rhythmbox 0.9.6 / SoundJuicer 2.14.4 and gstreamer-0.10.x to rip the mp3 files. I believe that these new mp3 files would be using ID3 v2.4 for the tags.

I suspect that my in car Sony mp3 CD player understands "old" ID3 v2.3 tags (as written with EasyTag), but not "new" ID3 v2.4 tags written by gstreamer. Does this sound possible?

Can gstreamer-0.10.x be used to tag mp3 files using the older ID3 v2.3 standard, or will it only do ID3 v2.4?

Is there an easy way to find out what version(s) of ID3 an mp3 file contains?



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