[Rhythmbox-devel] Jamendo plugin

Hi !

Inspired by the work of Adam Zimmerman and his awesome Magnatune plugin,
I wrote a Jamendo [1] plugin.
Jamendo is a portal of free (as in beer and/or freedom) music.
With this plugin, you can listen all albums in streaming and download
them using bittorrent.
So you can freely enjoy 16949 tracks (more than 48 days of music!).

You can get it using my personal bazaar branch:
bzr branch http://cass.no-ip.com/~cassidy/repos/jamendo/
It includes all the source code, datas and a patch for rb HEAD.

I'd like to propose if for inclusion in rhythmbox. People from Jamendo
and RedHat are very excited about it and I think it would be a great
feature for each rhythmbox user.

Of course I'm open for any kind of feedback. :)

Let's give to our users a rocking free music experience!


[1] http://www.jamendo.com

Guillaume Desmottes <cass skynet be>
Jabber <cassidy jabber belnet be>
GPG 1024D/711E31B1 | 1B5A 1BA8 11AA F0F1 2169  E28A AC55 8671 711E 31B1

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