Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Queries about Rhythmbox on dbus

Pallavi Rao wrote:
I am interested to know, if you are working/interested
to work at a universal dbus interface for all kinds of
media players, for example, refer:
There was a discussion on this on-list recently; see seq.
Although, I find the Rhythmbox-dbus API even better
than this list( so I am going to try to add all the
good points of Rhythmbox-dbus interface and methods to
this list, isn't it a good idea?).
Sure, go for it.
Moreover, wouldnot it be nicer if there is a Dbus
Signal called "VolumeChanged" when a user changes
volume level? I am interested in the messages on

Additionally, wouldnot it be nicer if rhythmbox also
had a mute button on it, emitting along with it a
signal called "MuteOn" on dbus-monitor.

What's the use case for this? I can see that a music player control applet would want to track and change the volume, but when would the user want to mute Rhythmbox as opposed to the whole computer?


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