Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Auto-rate plugin

>>>>> Nicolas da Luz Duque  writes:


> Ok, don't show too much excitation about it, you wouldn't want me to
> get my hopes too high on my first free project... ;-)

> More seriously, can anyone tell me where to start? What doc would be
> relevant?


Rhythmbox used to have an auto-rate feature, but it was removed in the
0.9.1 release because it appeared that most users did not want/need
that feature.  

However, re-adding the feature as an optional plugin is a possibility,
you could look at the code from the pre-0.9.1 releases to get an idea
of the auto-rate algorithm, although I imagine it would have to be
implemented quite differently to be done as a plugin.  James
Livingston would know more on this.

There is a (very basic) start to a plugin guide at:


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