[Rhythmbox-devel] Auto-rate plugin

Hello everyone,

I am interested in developing a plug-in for rhythmbox to automatically
rate the songs in the collection.

My friend Guillaume Desmottes (who recently worked on the Jamendo
plug-in) advised me to ask for pointers here, so here I am.

I have already done some python before, as well as C/C++, and smalltalk
(yay!). Mostly academic stuff (I am in last year in computer sciences at
the Universit�ibre de Bruxelles). However, this would be the first
real-life Free Software project I would be leading, so please be kind to
me ;-).

I already have many ideas on how to handle the automatic rating of the
songs. It would look a lot like the imms plug-in for xmms, but without
the song analysis part. I could then extend it to a biased randomizer
too, preferring better rated songs.

The whole thing would still permit manual user intervention, unlike with

Well, where should I begin? Guillaume told me there wasn't much
documentation around...

Nicolas da Luz Duque
Jabber <iceman jabber belnet be>
GPG: 1024D/89533945 | 4646 3449 8BB1 D2E9 6122  08B2 084E 7833 8953 3945

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