Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Tag wierdness

Totally different.

It is as if RB had cached an old verion of the tag the file had or if there was different information in say a id3v1 and a id3v2 tag.

I have tried to remove the file from RB, redo the tagging and import the files again. I have tried to move it to another location. It seems that no matter what I do RB still reports an other album name than the one it is supposed to. The name is "sane" in the sense that is not random sequence of characters.

Could it be that the mp3 file has a flac or an vorbis/ogg tag to? Is that even possible? Would RB prioritize such a tag?


On Sun, 2007-02-04 at 00:02 +0000, Peter wrote:
Alexander Isacson wrote:
> Hello
> What is the order in which RB scans mp3 tags? Are there any other tags 
> that an mp3 can have except for id3v1.x and id3v2.x?
> I have a couple of files that I have tagged with EasyTag so that they 
> belong to the same album. The problem is that when RB imports the files 
> a different album name that the one I have set appears!

Different how?  Completely different words?

If the case is different, then currently RB will treat things as 
different albums, e.g. "The Greatest Hits" and "The greatest hits", as 
discussed on this bug report:

Bug 144283 – Case insensitivity and sensitivity

> Thanks! RB is great, I just disovered it's lastfm capabilities today! 
> Excellent job!

Yeah - I need to update my machine and try the Last FM streaming radio 
support out.

Alexander Isacson <alexander isacson info>

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