[Rhythmbox-devel] Tag wierdness


What is the order in which RB scans mp3 tags? Are there any other tags that an mp3 can have except for id3v1.x and id3v2.x?

I have a couple of files that I have tagged with EasyTag so that they belong to the same album. The problem is that when RB imports the files a different album name that the one I have set appears!

If I use another player (Banshee) they are all grouped correctly (accoring to the album-tags I set) and if I look at the files with id3info they are also correct.

Where does RB get the other information? How can I remove it/turn it off?

Thanks! RB is great, I just disovered it's lastfm capabilities today! Excellent job!


Alexander Isacson <alexander isacson info>

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