[Rhythmbox-devel] Problems with current SVN

Hi !

I encouter 2 problems with the current SVN version, compiled with
1) I can't play any song from my remote DAAP share: all produce the
red icon with error like on the terminal:

(rhythmbox:19778): Rhythmbox-WARNING **: Unhandled error: unknow playing error

the debug log shows things like:

(00:48:37) [0x80ef030] [rb_shell_player_get_playing_song_duration]
rb-shell-player.c:2721: Did not get playing entry : return -1 as

2) I use a custom gstreamer pipeline for output (because I have 2
sound card, so I need to tee the signal to each one) and  SVN version
doesn't seem to take it into account (only one card outputs sound, as
if only a default alsasink was used)

Does someone has any information about these ?


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