Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox vs. Quod Libet

On Grant wrote:
> 1. Any plans for a preview of each album's cover art in the album
> list?  That's what I miss the most from quodlibet.

It's been suggested before, and several people say they like the idea (me too!).

> 2. Jump to playing song doesn't seem to work.

Contrl+J works for me.  Can you try and work out if there is a pattern
to when it doesn't work.

> 3. Is there a way to have the automatic cover art search save to
> cover.jpg in the album's folder?

At the moment the covers get cached in your RB profile.  I guess the
album art plugin could do this as an option - but this isn't a sensible idea
for people who don't keep each album in a separate directory.

There are good third party album art tools available which can save images
into mp3 ID3 tags as well as into the folder.

> This may end up becoming obsolete
> since picard seems to have preliminary cover art saving support,
> although it doesn't work at all for me currently.  Will rhythmbox
> support tag-embedded cover art images?

Hopefully yes, see:

Bug 345975 – Show album covers embedded in files e.g. mp3 ID3 tags


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