Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] New podcast parsing

Jonathan Matthew wrote:
On Dec 4, 2007 2:32 PM, Alex Lancaster <alexl users sourceforge net> wrote:
"JM" == Jonathan Matthew  writes:
JM> If you're building rhythmbox from svn, it's really not much of a
JM> stretch to build totem-pl-parser from svn too.

Or gtk2, or dbus, or libnotify... (should the minimum requirements for
those packages be bumped in rhythmbox).  Yes, I know it's possible, I
can do it, but you then need to install it in a private area and set
things up so it compiles against the private one and not the system
version (to avoid messing up other packages).  Also it makes it more
difficult for more casual testers (or plugin writers) to help out and
therefore increases the perception that rhythmbox is hard to test and
develop for.

If we were talking about anything more complicated than
totem-pl-parser, I'd agree with you.
It's a simple shared library with few dependencies. It adds 4 or 5
simple commands to the install procedure.

Indeed, I'd better agree with Alex' point of view.

Anyway, since I used to compile rhythmbox *everyday* for fun and testing, could you please tell me how to compile such library from svn? I would prefer to do not have to compile the whole totem package...

Such steps should be also mentioned IMHO in the README file, so that anyone could compile and run last svn review.

cheers, ;)


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