Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] New podcast parsing


BN> Heya, Rhythmbox now depends on the split totem-pl-parser, split
BN> from the totem module itself.

>> I'm unhappy with putting this in SVN without having a fallback
>> because it depends on a bleeding edge version of totem-pl-parser:
>> 2007-12-03 Bastien Nocera <hadess hadess net>
>> * Require totem-pl-parser 2.21.4
>> This version doesn't even exist in Fedora devel/rawhide (which is
>> on totem-plparser-2.21.2-1.fc9) let alone for F-8 or F-7 (which is
>> what I'm still developing on).

>>>>> "JM" == Jonathan Matthew  writes:

JM> If you're building rhythmbox from svn, it's really not much of a
JM> stretch to build totem-pl-parser from svn too.

Or gtk2, or dbus, or libnotify... (should the minimum requirements for
those packages be bumped in rhythmbox).  Yes, I know it's possible, I
can do it, but you then need to install it in a private area and set
things up so it compiles against the private one and not the system
version (to avoid messing up other packages).  Also it makes it more
difficult for more casual testers (or plugin writers) to help out and
therefore increases the perception that rhythmbox is hard to test and
develop for.

At the very least you should update INSTALL.quick because the requires
are now out of date:

- Totem-plparser 1.1.5, which can be gotten by installing totem 1.1.5
  or higher

All in all, such a major build dependency should have been discussed
or mentioned on the list before being committed to SVN.


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