Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Jump-to-playing in toolbar plugin, unofficial pllugins page?

On Dec 4, 2007 3:45 PM, Steven Brown <steven w j brown gmail com> wrote:
This plugin will display the 'View : Jump to Playing Song' link as a
button in the toolbar and as link in the Browser's context menu.

More info here:

I've recently become very interested in modifying RB, so I did this as
a first stepping stone.  Gotta start somewhere.  :)

Looks nice. I've been experiencing the same interest, and it's nice to see a few more people on the list speaking up. :)

I had trouble discovering if  a similar plugin already existed.  I
checked, and this is what I found: <-- official plugins <-- official plugins
wishlist and in-progress

but nothing similar to: <-- quite
comprehensive list of unofficial extensions

Yeah, I just noticed that this past weekend. I just acted on it right now and created
which will have to be populated. I think modeling it from Epiphany's page would be good.

Maybe you could head over to and create an account to help me out? My time is pretty limited for the time being.


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