[Rhythmbox-devel] Podcast Playlists

Hi Rhythmbox developers! Before I point out my two quibbles, I want to
thank you for developing such a great piece of software. RB is fast,
it's light on memory, and it works really, really well.

Usage Pattern: I may be a little unusual. Although RB is ALWAYS running
on my laptop, I don't have a zillion songs on my hard-drive. I use RB to
play LOTS of podcasts. I download ~10 every day. Sometimes I listen to
music, but usually I want to listen to my podcasts. RB is set-up to
download the podcasts to ~/Music/Podcasts, so I can make use of RB's
playlist features. I use Automatic Playlists to let me play unplayed
podcasts, so I don't have to select each file individually. In fact, it
is RB's ability to use Automatic Playlists that makes me so heavily
dependent on it.

Quibble #1: By default, RB downloads podcasts to ~/Podcasts. This is OK,
except that RB doesn't include these podcasts' id3 tags into it's
database. Thus, if I use download the latest Lug Radio and then search
for it, I can not find it.

Work Around #1: Obviously, if I change the download location to
~/Music/Podcasts then RB will acknowledge these podcasts in Automatic
Playlists. If this is what the majority of the people here think should
be done, I believe the default download location should be changed to
~/Music/Podcasts because new users may not understand why their
Automatic Playlists aren't showing their podcasts. This is a relatively
simple change, and would make RB operate in a more intuitive manner.

Work Around #2: Change RB's database system so it updates on new files
being added to ~/Podcasts. This is another obvious solution to my
dilemma, but for me as an end user #1 is easier.  :-)

Quibble #2: As I have noted, RB downloads podcasts to ~/Music/Podcasts.
Although this lets me generate Automatic Playlists, it also causes RB to
generate lots of error messages. Every day I get 5-7 error messages
under the Library icon to tell me that RB can't find file foo.mp3.
Oddly, it can play the file just fine, and they all show up in my
Automatic Playlists, so I really don't understand what the error is
about, but RB is definitely not entirely happy. Since it doesn't impact
me, I just ignore the error messages, but this behavior does impact
negatively on the user experience.

Those are my two quibbles. That's all I have to say on the topic, and
since I'm not working on the development of this app, I'm not on the
list. But, thanks again for the great app. If anyone has any follow-up
questions for me, feel free to contact me off the list.


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