Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Suggestion

>>>>> "DB" == David Batista  writes:

DB> Hi!  I've been using rhytmbox for a while, and I really enjoyed
DB> it.  Congratulations for the good work :-)

DB> One suggestion, have I. Don't know if its already implemented. I'm
DB> currently using 0.9.6

DB> When a music is playing, and one starts to browse other songs,
DB> then its somehow not easy to get back to the screen which contain
DB> the song that is currently playing, the one with the little
DB> triangle behind, a button or a hotkey which would automatically
DB> take us to that screen would be nice. Nothing really important
DB> just a suggestion.

See the "View" menu: "Jump to Playing Song" which has the keybinding
"Ctrl-J".  Does exactly what you want (even in 0.9.6, you should
probably upgrade to 0.10.0, though).


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