[Rhythmbox-devel] RB stops playing albums because of other sounds

	Hi everybody,

if this problem has been treated earlier, I apologise. Couldn't find any
reference to it in Apr, Mar or Feb archives.

I often listen to music (using RB, of course) from my USB headset while
I'm playing some games that produce sounds. Admittedly, many of these
games are for the KDE environment (I installed both Gnome and KDE but
use Gnome in general). 
If I'm not totally mistaken, some months ago RB was changed _not_ to
react to sounds from other programs while RB was playing a track. At
first I thought it was a great improvement because anything wasn't
allowed to disturb musical enjoyment.
However, after realising that RB stopped playing further tracks if a
game-produced sound happened to capture "the audio channel" between
tracks. RB won't resume playing new tracks no matter what buttons are
pressed - until some 30-40 seconds have passed. This is a bit annoying,
so would you please reconsider allowing eg. game sounds while RB is
playing music?
If needed, my box is a Fedora Core 6 64-bit system, RB is version 0.9.8
and Gnome version is 2.16.3. 

Otherwise I think Rhythmbox is the best music player there is in its
overall functionality and ease of use. Congratulations to its developers
and translators (eg. impeccable Finnish, very rare)! 

Antti Huhtala
Helsinki, Finland

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