[Rhythmbox-devel] Tag writing, UTF-8/Latin1

Hello Rhythmbox list!

I've decided to organize my not-so-vast music library, and I need some
advice on that.

First: how usable is tag writing? AFAIK it's not 100%, but I'd like to
know if I should try it.

Second: what character encoding should I use in my tags? I don't have
(or plan to) a MP3 player, so I'm not worried about compatibility, but
OTOH ISO 8859-1 (AKA Latin 1) is OK for my language. I'd like to know
what char enconding RB (and other players) prefers.

I'm using RB 0.9.5.


Leonardo Fontenelle
pt_BR l10n team, one or two bug reports to RB

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