Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] iTunes 7 released

В ср, 2006-09-13 в 04:41 -0700, Alex Lancaster написа:
> >>>>> "CD" == Christophe Dehais  writes:
> On 9/13/06, Emilian Bold <emilian bold gmail com> wrote:
> EB> Pardon my ignorance but what has iTunes to do with Rhythmbox ?
> EB> I think there enough feature requests (hellooo -- id3 edit, sync to
> EB> mp3 players/phones, video ?) and ideeas to drive the development of
> EB> RB without trying to immediatelly develop something like iTunes.
> CD> id3 edit,
> ID3 tag editing, is present in rhythmbox now and has been for some
> time, but needs to be compiled with support using the
> --with-tag-writing option to configure.  Not all distro's packages do
> this, which is why many folks still think that RB doesn't have tag
> editing ability.  
> Also, for best results you should be using the latest released
> gstreamer-plugins-good pacakge which better preserves tags that
> gstreamer doesn't know about.  I have a spent a good deal of time
> testing the ID3 tag editing, working with the gstreamer developers,
> filing bugs and patches etc., and it seems to be working pretty well
> modulo some minor issues with COMM (comments) tags.
> OGG tag editing is also in rhythmbox, but requires some fixes to
> gstreamer, which are pending for addition to CVS, for it to work.
> CD> synching 
> There is a patch for synching with mass storage in bugzilla that
> probably needs more testing.  Also I believe that there is also a
> patch for iPod synching that is almost ready to go into CVS.  Don't
> have the bug numbers handy.  If I get them/remember I'll post them
> here.

The final step would be to also use openobex to sync with phones and
other devices that use this protocol.

> CD> video 
> It's controversial just how video should be integrated with RB, some
> suggestions already discussed include having some kind of
> plugin/launcher that calls (or embeds?) Totem.

Whatever path is chosen for this, it should also be used for
visualization when non-video files are played. And it seems that Totem
is currently broken (for gnome v2.14) when it comes to visualization
using gstreamer.

> CD> are precisely features iTunes has and RB still develops
> Alex
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